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Scissor Sister

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Wu Tsang's hair

“Clearly,” was Wu Tsang’s response, when asked whether this performance was an homage to Yoko Ono’s landmark “Cut Piece.” A better question might have been, “What makes this different from that?” Or, why not “Rhythm 0” by Marina Abramović?  No Serbian roulette here at the final night of Blasting Voice, though I overheard post-show visitors calculating how long it must have taken for Wu to grow such long hair.

The climax came when one audience member, sensing a Gordian knot (or “not”) went for Wu’s bun. The audience objected – bun-cutting is taboo – until an ardent member snatched the shears (scissors seizure).  After the show, I asked him why, but he couldn’t explain.  But I hear that he attended every night of Blasting Voice, so maybe he understood the fourth wall better than most.

(l-r) Blasting Voice curator Ashland Mines with friend; performer Shayne Oliver