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Weekend Hot Links

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Happy Friday! Might we suggest recent art, design, and culture goodies shared by the SVACE faculty and community?

Image via Macmillan

Image via Macmillan

Success! Story (io9): A graphic novel examines Tetris, psychology, and history. (via SVA MFA Visual Narrative)

Pavilion Park (FastCo.Design) Will the World’s Fair Pavilion become the High Line of Queens? (via Robert Stribley)

Stranger Fonts (Art of the Title): What type and titles can do for nostalgia. (via SVA MFA Visual Narrative)

Dada World (The Village Voice): MoMA’s new exhibition unearths a Dada anthology. (via Lisa Lordi)

Clinton Cam (Columbia Journalism Review): Breaking radical tradition for a history-making candidate. (via Robert Stribley)

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