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Weekend Hot Links

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Another bittersweet Friday is here, but art gives us hope. For weekend relief, here are recent art, design, and culture goodies shared by the SVACE faculty and community.

"Gull Latinu Amerika" by Kristjana S. Williams, via Format magazine

“Gull Latinu Amerika” by Kristjana S. Williams, via Format magazine

Dyslexic Design (Format): Could this learning disorder give you a creative edge? (via Lisa Lordi)

Design Debt (FastCo.Design): MasterCard introduces new logo, invoiced with 22% APR. (via Lisa Lordi)

Font Finder (WIRED): It’s like Shazam for typographers. (via Jess Mackta)

Common Edge (Print): Does architecture often serve real people? (via Steven Heller)

Strange Fictions (Design Taxi): Earn million$ by tricking millions. (via Mark Burk)

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