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Das Man in the Moon

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Rest in Peace, Dan Asher; and thank you, White Columns, for introducing me to some of his work with the two-room show in 2008.

I remember the The Sea a Dream most clearly. With only a commonplace camera and the naturally unsteady touch of a human, Asher surveyed the shore of the cosmic ocean. He captured the moon with the intimate scrutiny of a microscope over a specimen, while revealing an elemental truth about that primitive beacon of the infinite. The video found the Sublime via the Simple.

Dan Attoe, Grocery Store, 2004

Hypnotic and nocturnal, the lullaby by Asher and Liz Durrett made me forget about myself until I felt a tear dribble down my neck and soak into my collar. I think I might have watched the video eight or nine times. Though I laugh at art almost every day, my lacquered heart hadn’t been touched that way since seeing AA Bronson’s Felix, June 5, 1994 in the 2002 Whitney Biennial.

Elder artists knew Asher personally, but I knew him only through this White Columns show. A saint has posted it on youtube. Watch it with the lights off, in impressionistic full-screen mode.