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Faculty Updates

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from Peter Hristoff, Keith Mayerson, Matt Rota, and Viktor Koen!

Peter Hristoff at the Met Museum

Peter Hristoff at the Met Museum

Peter Hristoff is the Artist in Residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In this interview for the MetKids Blog, he picks his favorite artworks and offers insights on visiting the museum, including an assignment he gives himself.  To learn more about Peter’s work, read his statement about the museum’s influence on the monumental work he’s developing. One highlight: “Being able to spend so much time at the Met has provided me with great lessons in history; I see the fluidity of influences across borders, how one culture’s artifacts are reinterpreted by another. Pagan figures in one gallery evolve into saints in another; Islamic motifs that appear in ceramics are then repeated on a European fabric.”

Keith Mayerson, "My American Dream"

Keith Mayerson, “My American Dream”

Faculty update: Keith Mayerson has debuted the catalog for My American Dream, his vast solo survey at Marlborough ChelseaThe first printing is 200 copies, signed and dated. It has installation views, Keith’s notes about the exhibition, and every painting – and it reads like a comic narrative. It’s available at cost for $75 through Marlborough. 

rota ballpoint

Matt Rota has published The Art of Ballpoint with Rockport Books!  Matt has already established a practice of interviewing artists on his Pen and Ink Tumblr, so the new book seems like a natural progression.

Viktor Koen for NYT

Viktor Koen for NYT

Viktor Koen illustrated the cover for this weekend’s New York Times Arts & Leisure section! For his process and thoughts, visit his lively Tumblr.

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