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Faculty Updates

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from Ilene Strizver, Steve Brodner, Ofri Cnaani, and Keith Mayerson!


Ilene Strizver shared more insights and best practices with her readers at On the topic of Helvetica, she writes, “Helvetica was designed primarily for display, and for this reason, has appropriately tight letterspacing. Yet the design does hold up at smaller sizes – but the spacing does not.” Read more about using Helvetica at any size.

Steve Brodner for The Nation

Steve Brodner for The Nation

For The Nation, Steve Brodner illustrated some controversial quotes from GOP presidential candidates about Syrian refugees.  Perspicacious, informed, and witty, Steve exemplifies how the pen is mightier than the sword.

Ofri Cnaani performs at Inhotim Institute, Brazil

Ofri Cnaani performs at Inhotim Institute, Brazil

In Brazil? Ofri Cnaani of SVACE will perform this week at Inhotim Institute! On December 4, she will perform Frequently Asked/ Que Lugar É Esse?  Ofri writes:

“For Frequently Asked, I worked with 40 of the museum gardeners and maintenance staff in order to create 40 private walk-throughs, which bring to the front not only the art but also the role of Inhotim staff as a translators and mediators. During Frequently Asked, each gardener will lead one visitor in a one-on-one tour, offering personal narratives or interpretations of classic or modern canonical artworks and their spatial and environmental manifestations.”

Ofri Cnaani of SVACE

Ofri Cnaani of SVACE

On December 5, Ofri will perform Recalculating Route, which she describes as such:

Recalculating Route is a participatory performance taking the shape of geographically-based group messaging app that encourages self-guided wandering through call and response prompts and allows participants to re-experience familiar or unfamiliar sites, whether they are cities or museums.”

And last but not least: Keith Mayerson will exhibit new paintings with Marlborough Chelsea at NADA Miami Beach 2015.

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Wight Walker

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

SVACE faculty member Steve Brodner illustrated this cover of The Nation Magazine! Bonus: the article is totally free for everyone to read!


Steve Brodner for The Nation

Print is Live

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Print has featured two outstanding SVACE faculty members this week! Steven Heller, the art director, journalist, critic, author, and editor who writes The Daily Heller, interviewed John A. Parks about his new show at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel.  Parks discusses his painting influences and reflects on painting his “experience of New York, the daily plunge into crowds and raw life, the sheer scale, energy, velocity and overwhelming multifarious activity that make up the place.”


John A. Parks, “Continuing Ed,” 2014

Steven Heller also talked with Steve Brodner about curating the artwork for the 150th Anniversary issue of The Nation.  Brodner sees his work as part of legacy, and he emphasizes, “It is clear that politics is a recurring drama that has to be engaged with again and again.”