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Holy Tower

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Actually modeled, according to Rob Pruitt, from another Andy – art collector Andy Stillpass – with a body similar to that of the late Andy — scanned in 3D – he had to stand still for five hours, according to my source – and fabricated in a “high density” material ripe for shiny plating – sort of like how Urs Fischer might have built it, maybe — the Andy Monument arrived in Union Square on this cold spring evening, standing ten feet high, gazing downtown, and standing only steps away from the glory days of the Warhol Factory.

“Would he (Andy) have become vegan had he recovered from the gall bladder infection that otherwise killed him?  Because the Farmers Market would have been right outside his door.”  “No, Andy hated salads and ate poorly.  And the daily regiment of diet pills would have stifled his appetite, anyway.”

As he unsheathed his Andy Tower, Rob Pruitt quipped, “I hope you all like it for more than 15 minutes.”

Reminds me of:

Marc Quinn, Michael Jackson, 2010

And of:

Keith Mayerson, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 2006