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Sweet Head

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Installation of “Echo” by Jaume Plensa at Madison Square Park:

Reminds me of:





Evan Penny

From Kohs to Kohs

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Terence Koh at Mary Boone Gallery

Farmers’ Fodder

Monday, August 9th, 2010

“I secretly hope it will become the gay cruising grounds of the Hamptons,” confided a newly vociferous Terence Koh.  (You mean the parking lots in Massapequa don’t are old hat?)  Koh had sworn to absolute silence throughout the two months of fabrication, speaking only by email and Post-Its. It’s no wonder, then, that the priapic, textured totems sculptures planted amidst labyrinthine paths through the field stand like raised limbs and middle fingers: the artist must have done a lot of gesticulating and pointing in the hours spent at the foundry in Trenton run by artist Ben Keating.  But how does one charade “Steel armature, layers of EPS, corn kernels by the thousands, corn silk, urethane, primer…?”   That’s a performance in itself.

Fancy Meeting You Here

Will Koh’s cornfield become the new Pines?  Will the anticipated twilight trysts proceed in mute silence? “Hips or lips, baby?”  Privacy won’t be an issue; I’m told that corn grows to the height of an elephant’s eye.

Double-headed, Two-faced See-saw

At the sunset reception last weekend for Koh’s Children of the Corn, produced by the ambitious Vito Schnabel, shareholders’ daughters played together on the double-headed see-saw while their adult counterparts sipped Sancerre and Rosé, occasionally nibbling on freshly plucked corn.

Fun for the whole family

“It can wreak havoc on your digestive system,” said photographer David Benjamin Sherry, peeling back the husk. “But it tastes so sweet.”

Senior Schnabel, in signature saffron-lensed specs, roamed through the paths scored through the field and greeted local art-world heavies, including artist David Salle, dealer Nicole Klagsbrun, collector Aby Rosen (in a hot ferrari), and the Watermill Center’s Jorn Weisbrodt, accompanied by MoMA’s Jenny Schlenzka and photographer Taryn Simon.

Tommy Girl Donna D'Cruz (l) and Curator Stacey Engman (r)

As the magic hour set in, the towering sculptures glowed in splendid peach and gold, but most beholders’ eyes were already back on the road, pointed to the afterparty and dinner at a beautiful residence in Sagaponack.

The lavish dinner for 200 or so would also toast the Bruce High Quality Foundation, who opened a show at Edsel Williams’ Fireplace Project, and will soon “work with” Bruno Bischofberger, as well. Artist Agathe Snow snow toured her three-week old baby, Cyrus; gallerist Kathy Grayson tugged around her cradle booty boyfriend. Collectors Phillip and Shelley Fox Aarons talked tech with Ben Keating about the bronze editions that would follow from these “original” sculptures. Klaus Biesenbach slipped away for a quick dip in the pool. Cody Critcheloe revealed bits about his upcoming show at The Hole, and Liv Tyler sauntered over to ask for a smoke. The arena rock Venutian looks just as great in person and is nearly as tall as the sculptures.  They’ll be up until the end of September on Mecox Road off Route 27.


Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Images from GAGAKOH! – Terence Koh and Lady Gaga performing together for MAC cosmetics Viva Glam at Tabloid nightclub in Tokyo. Apologee-whiz for the jittery handheld: I was perched above the crowd in a latitudinous segment of truss, which was about as comfortable as it sounds.

IMAGES: Michael Bilsborough

Tools for Thought

Friday, March 12th, 2010

I am lucky enough to have a brave friend who just returned home after a month of organizing foreign aid efforts from a military camp in Jacmel, Haiti. From her most recent update: “The most amazing thing so far is how many people have a smile and a friendly word to offer to a stranger walking through their nightmare. It’s incredible.”

Maximizing the resources available to them, the chic chicks Diana Campbell and Julie Ragolia bring us Tools for Thought, a beneficent fundraiser event with lots of hot objets d’art to warm your heart and your briefs alike.  Joined by a few curatorially-oriented and well-connected friends, Diana and Julie invited almost 100 artists to select a tool or object relevant to their work or personal life.

African mask from Gordon Hull

“We are looking for a rather unusual donation from the best artists in the world:  a ready- made object…anything from a tool to a book to an old shoe…that the artist will sign and tell a story about.  That object, no matter what it is, will be sold at a silent auction that night.”

(l-r) Shoplifter's synthetic hair, Dan Colen's crackpipe vase, Francesca DiMattio's papier-mache vase

The event originally was scheduled for February 22nd, but in the days leading up to that, the organizers were overwhelmed with queries from collectors, press, artists, and other art world lurkers.  The promised Patti Smith performance might have something to do with that.  Lo, the extra weeks of prep time enabled them to design an impressive website and nearly double the number of artists taking part, which includes current Whitney Biennialinas Huma Bhabha and Aurel Schmidt; Skin Fruitcakes Dan Colen, Richard Prince, Liza Lou, Terence Koh, and of course, Jeff Koons; the recently repatriated Gavin Russom; and those geriatric giants Ed Ruscha and Lou Reed.

Skateboards by X-Games champs Jeff Koons and Marilyn Minter

Personally, I have my eye on the Ofiliated Voodoo Flag by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge:


And will cower as far as possible from this monstrosity:

"How High," 2010, pencil, mix CDs, and vitamins on paper

This looks promising and easily worth every penny of the Benjamins you and your date will drop on tickets, most of which is tax deductible.  Apotheke, the downtown cocktail specialists, will provide relief of a different kind.  Total fox Alexandra Richards will DJ (hey, u can brw my mix cds lol!).  And did we mention Patti Smith?

“We are looking for a rather unusual donation from the best artists in the world:  a ready- made object…anything from a tool to a book to an old shoe…that the artist will sign and tell a story about.  That object, no matter what it is, will be sold at a silent auction that night