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Lotta NADA

Friday, May 15th, 2015

NADA New York 2015, the fourth edition of this fair, is up this weekend at Basketball City. Staged by nonprofit group New Art Dealers Alliance, NADA showcases new art from around the globe, with an emphasis on emerging artists.

This year’s fair will feature NADA Presents, a program of interdisciplinary performances and events. Composer Jay Israelson kicked things off with his Tachyon Path, followed by Contemporary Fashion, with Cheryl Donegan, Richard Haines, and NADA x PAOM. Curated by Sam Gordon, Contemporary Fashion was a collaborative fashion show presentation that included a selection of new and recent NADA x PAOM collaborations from Sarah Braman, Bjorn Copeland, Daniel Heidkamp, and Amy Yao. The pieces, each an edition of 50, will be available to purchase at the NADA Shop and online at


Artists modeling in “Contemporary Fashion”


In addition to these events, Aeromoto of Mexico City and Wendy’s Subway of Brooklyn will present A+WS, a collaboratively curated library and reading room​ designed by Tyler Polich and Hannah Wilentz​, Artist Melissa Brown will host Eyes in the Sky Hold ‘Em, a poker scheme that enables NADA visitors to assist cheatin’ poker players in a game off site.  For more of the NADA schedule, visit the NADA website.

Here are some highlights from NADA New York 2015:

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Purple and Cold

Friday, February 7th, 2014

What happens when one of the world’s most corrupt countries hosts the most expensive Olympics?  You get bribery and embezzlement.  What happens when one of the world’s most homophobic countries bans gay expression?  You get creative resistance.

Resistance to Putin’s Olympics includes boycotts, demonstrations, kiss-ins, a Google doodle, and even nail polish.  And arrests have begun, too.

Russia has come close to ruining the Olympics.  It has sparked a toxic triangulation of progressives versus the Olympics and Russia.  But let’s take the Olympics back, and turn that triangle: progressives and the Olympics versus Russia!

So what should cultural producers do?  They should produce!  Here’s Purple & Gold at Louis B. James Gallery, a design project and one-night exhibition for which New York artists created a “capsule collection” of queer tracksuits.  The tracksuits will be available for sale via PRINTALLOVER.ME, the print-a-porter startup founded by Jesse Finkelstein.  Proceeds from sales will benefit the Russian LGBT Network.

Designs by Robert Melee (left) and T.M. Davy (right)

Purple & Gold is curated and executed by David Fierman and PRINT ALL OVER ME.  Participating artists include Aay Kay Burns, Jibz Cameron, Deric Carner, T.M. Davy , Christian Dietkus, Scott Hug, Casey Legler, Kalup Linzy, Michael Mahalchick, Ryan McNamara, Robert Melee, Lucas Michael, Wardell Milan, David Mramor, Jack Pierson, Colin Self, David Benjamin Sherry, and more.

Concept by Jibz Cameron/Dynasty Handbag