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Midday Cowgirl

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

The new Village Voice cover by Steve Brodner says a lot.


According to the Voice, the illustration “commemorates the confluence of pride and country music in NYC, ahead of this weekend’s Pride March and FarmBorough fest.

But it also says a lot about some pressing questions sharpened by recent events.  These include fluidity of gender, heightened sensitivity across races, and even gentrification:

  • By crossing their legs, typically a “feminine” gesture, men are more fabulous to other subway riders than their manspreading counterparts are.  What other unchecked, gender-specific behaviors might compromise harmony?
  • In the wake of Rachel Dolezal, and more importantly, horrible police- and extremist-violence against African-Americans, many New Yorkers are reflecting on their own race-complicated exchanges.  Are we building all the bridges we can?
  • With Taylor Swift enthroned as the NYC Global Welcome Ambassador, gentrification is pushing young faces further into unfamiliar neighborhoods the names of which might make their parents shudder.  What will happen to their industrious immigrant neighbors?


So while Steve Brodner seems to address one particular confluence in this weekly publication, he masterfully stirs together broader currents worth preserving.  This cover is a keeper.