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Weekend Hot Links

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Concluding a tumultuous week, Friday is here to bring weekend relief, or so we hope. In the meantime, here are recent art, design, and culture goodies shared by the SVACE faculty and community.

Image via Mashable

Image via Mashable

Legonauts (Mashable): Three tiny pioneers venture toward Jupiter. (via SVA MFA Visual Narrative)

Home Makers (New York Times): Shacking up in significant structures, surveyed. (via Jenny Kutnow)

Google Vision (Fortune): Google introduces paves a VR path for web development. (via Robert Stribley)

War Craft (The Creators Project): How many animators does it take to change a Lord of Light? (via SVA MFA Visual Narrative)

Cosmic Caverns (New York Times): Gettin’ down with Kenny Scharf at Nassau County Museum of Art. (via SVA News)

Close Encounters (Untapped Cities): NYC’s least popular institution announces mosaics by our most popular photorealist. (via Robert Stribley)

Lemon L’Amour (Creativity Online): Chipotle returns to warm hearts as well as tortillas. (via Mark Burk)

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