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Inauguration Art

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

“Of course artists are going to be very involved in planning and executing creative acts against what is going to be a very oppressive regime. We can lead the way. It’s sort of our job,” says artist Becky Howland to Hyperallergic. “There are times when it’s necessary to say ‘absolutely not,’ and this is one of them.”

So what are some ways forward for politically-minded artists, designers, filmmakers, and more? The answers seem to exist between individual motivation and collective action. Here are some examples.

The Nasty Women exhibition at Knockdown Center raised 50,000 dollars for Planned Parenthood, Callen-Lorde, and other community health initiatives, as reported in Artforum.

We the People,” a Kickstarter project, has raised more than 1.3 million dollars for printed materials, on its way to crowdfunding “The Amplifiers,” a documentary about art and activism.

Image via Kickstarter

Image via Kickstarter

For insiders, the Halt Action Group, led by well-placed artists, curators, and galleries, has organized the Dear Ivanka events and social media audience.

Image via New York Times

Image via New York Times

Museums and institutions will close for the #J20 Art Strike, initiated by e-flux, or they will offer free admission or special programming for Inauguration Day: “This call concerns more than the art field. It is made in solidarity with the nation-wide demand that on January 20 and beyond, business should not proceed as usual in any realm.”

Image via e-flux

Image via e-flux

And We Make America has hosted space and resources for artists to construct signs and props, as have numerous galleries, publicized through social media and word-of-mouth.

Image via Hyperallergic

Image via Hyperallergic

However you choose to jump in and respond to this unprecedented era, we offer several courses to help you craft your message. These include The Art of Consequence, Pow! The Art of Politics, and more. Though sometimes, all it takes is a sharpie and a passion.

East Village Eye

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

“It wasn’t until I went to these alternative spaces where I met other artists who also felt like outcasts — and most of them were women and people of color — that I found a community.” -Anton van Dalen talks with Hyperallergic in a great interview about art, mentorship, the East Village, and pigeons. – nice projects.
Image via Hyperallergic

Image via Hyperallergic

Bushwick Open Studios

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Bushwick Open Studios 2015 kicks off this weekend! The annual festival brings forth official openings, performances, and parties, along with satellite events and the rare chance to boldly go into artists’ studios! If the schedule of 600 events and directory of 1,200+ artists are any indication, then it will be a rewarding challenge for endurance-based artlovers.

Hyperallergic offers a selective guide, while Flavorpill narrows things down to its top picks.  However, we’d like to draw your attention to alumni of our Summer Residency Programs!

Moldy Figs  is a solo exhibition at Momenta Art by SVA Residencies alum Justin Randolph Thompson, in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway, Jason Thompson, and Daniel Warren.


“Moldy Figs” by Justin Randolph Thompson at Momenta Art


We’re also excited about Maximiliano Siñani exhibiting his Lineaments in One Last Ride at CuatroH​.  Meanwhile, Jessica Cannon and Carol Salmonson will share new work at their open studios.  Good luck, alumni!


New work by Jessica Cannon at #BOS2015