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Help Desk

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Today’s guest blogger is Eric Sutphin, Residency Coordinator of SVA’s Summer Residency Programs:

It is a fact that pursuing a career in the arts comes with a wealth of anxieties. Art schools may offer students top-of-the-line facilities, renowned faculty, a marketable pedigree and an invaluable network, but a complaint that I have often heard (and have launched myself) is the deficit in practical training for art students at the beginnings of their careers.  The attendant ambiguity that comes with a life in art can seem daunting and alienating; how often have we been to an opening and looked around at the dealers, curators and artists, and thought, “Wow, these people really have it figured out, they’ve all made it.”


SVA’s Keren Moscovitch (r) in “Help Desk: Equity Exchange Marathon” at Equity Gallery

Help Desk: Equity Exchange Marathon was a performance event conceived and launched by multidisciplinary artist Ofri Cnaani, a current faculty member of SVA’s Continuing Education and Summer Residency Programs. The performance took place at the Artists Equity brick-and-mortar space, Equity Gallery, located in New York’s Lower East Side. Cnaani invited eight guests (most were arts professionals) to respond to questions submitted via Artists Equity’s online platform. Over the course of the performance, which was structured like a professional practices “clinic” and free and open to the public, the spirit of  generosity and an enactment of a kind of utopian sharing economy unfolded. A few of my personal highlights from the event are below:

Q: How do I navigate being an artist, critic curator?
A: Gean Moreno, Artistic Director of Cannonball Miami: “Why is this still a problem within art? It’s seems like a kind of masochistic line that we have gotten comfortable with as artists. In other disciplines, people often move freely between roles. Don’t  worry about it, just do it.”

Q: “Are studio visits worth it?”
A: Joey Lico, curator and Director of Programming at The Cultivist: “Yes!” People who visit your studio generally want others to succeed, so invite people who are interested in your work to visit. But be prepared, and show everything you have, even the things you have hidden away, turned against the wall. We want to see everything. Be careful of those people who want to just sit around and hang out with artists; they’re out there.”

Ofri Cnaani (center) listens at "Help Desk: Equity Exchange Marathon" at Equity Gallery

Ofri Cnaani (center) listens at “Help Desk: Equity Exchange Marathon” at Equity Gallery

The question of the livability of cities came up frequently. Leila Bozorg, Chief of Staff for the NYC Dept. of Housing and Preservation and Development noted that “It is a city’s responsibility to make accommodations for cultural producers. It’s what keeps neighborhoods and cities, in general, attractive places to live.”

As each respondent answered the questions (which were written on index cards), he or she put the card on a clear table under which a projector beamed the image of the amassed question cards onto a nearby wall. The ephemera from the performance is included in Cnaani’s solo exhibition File Under:?, on view at Equity Gallery through January 30, 2016. Additionally, the answers to the artists’ questions will be “transcribed, processed and made available through Artists Equity’s website as a service for the art community.”

Help Desk: Equity Exchange Marathon at Equity Gallery

Help Desk: Equity Exchange Marathon at Equity Gallery

Faculty Updates

Monday, January 11th, 2016

We have exciting updates from Ofri Cnaani and Keren Moscovitch! Both Ofri and Keren will perform on January 16th in Help Desk: Equity Exchange Marathon. The performance is part of File Under: ?, Ofri’s solo exhibition at Equity Gallery.

Ofri Cnaani at Equity Gallery

For the exhibition, Cnaani invited artists to submit “pressing questions,” which each individual artist wants answered to help them in their lives as artists, ranging from professional to personal to theoretical.

These questions are displayed at Equity Gallery and shared on its online platforms. For the performance, Cnaani has asked experts from a variety of fields to attempt to answer these questions and the roster was determined by the frequency of the topics. Keren Moscovitch is one of these experts.

Ofri Cnaani at Equity Gallery

Ofri is also featured in Cut-Up: Contemporary Collage and Cut-Up Histories through a Feminist Lens, curated by Katie Vida, at Franklin Street Works in Stamford, CT from January 16 – April 3, 2016.

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Faculty Updates

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from Felipe GalindoOfri Cnaani, John A. Parks, and Matt Rota!

Felipe Galindo at Mark Miller Gallery

Felipe Galindo at Mark Miller Gallery

Mark Miller Gallery and Felipe Galindo (aka Feggo) open New York Stories, a solo exhibition of artwork created on disposable objects, like packaging and take-out containers, and three decades’  worth of sketches of life in New York City.  New York Stories is Galindo’s second solo show with Mark Miller Gallery.

Ofri Cnaani, File Under: ? at Equity Gallery

Ofri Cnaani, File Under: ? at Equity Gallery

Ofri Cnaani opens File Under: ?a solo show at Equity Gallery in New York. For the duration of the show, Ofri invites artists to submit personal or professional questions via email and social media. In a “help desk marathon” performance on January 16, 2016, Ofri and her team will answer many of these questions, archive them, and apply them to Equity’s future programming. Anyone can submit questions, so now is your chance to get answers!

John A. Parks' new book

John A. Parks’ new book

Pyramyd Editions has published a French translation of Universal Principles of Art by John A. Parks.  It’s a great book for artists who want to expand their own artwork with focused concepts, techniques, and history.

"The Art of Ballpoint" by Matt Rota

“The Art of Ballpoint” by Matt Rota

Illustration Age reviewed The Art of Ballpoint by Matt Rota. Reviewer Marc Scheff writes: “You can read it either as a tool and resource for technique, a history book, or a deep cross-section of stylistic choices for the use of this oft-overlooked medium.”

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