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Preserve All Monsters

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Moments from A Fantastic World Superimposed on Reality on Saturday, Nov. 21 @ Blender Theater.  Curated by Mike Kelley and Mark Beasley!

The legendary Destroy All Monsters
The legendary Destroy All Monsters

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Vito Acconci
Vito Acconci is in the House

Christian Marclay and Shelley Hirsch:

A little more, if you can handle it; don’t sweat the [Marclay] technique:

John Duncan’s performance scared the bejeezus out of everyone!  In the pitch black dark theater…


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…a chorus of people suddenly began screaming like maniacs.  Terror!  Nobody would attack an avant-garde crowd, right?

(l) Standing Nude, (r) Sitting Dust
(l) Standing Nude, (r) Sitting Dust

-Right?  To my relief, the Xenon flash identified the screamers as merry pranksters, not bloody murderers.

More merry than hairy
More merry than hairy

Take a bow?

Artsy Fartsy?  (No thanks!)
Artsy Fartsy? (No thanks!)

On with the show~

IMAGES: Michael Bilsborough