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Armory Show 2015

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

The Armory Show opens today to the public, bringing international contemporary and modern art to Piers 92 and 94 along the Hudson River.  As you trudge from the nearest subway, be sure to size up a new Maserati at the nearby dealer, or gaze upward to Bjarke Ingel’s luxurious tetrahedron, still under construction. 


Folkert de Jong sculpture at James Cohan Gallery

For that class of consumers, and the people who love them, the Armory Show is one of the most important annual art events in New York, a rite of spring-to-be.  If you can somehow swing the $45 ticket ($30 for students), then visiting is an enjoyable opportunity to see the global art market in action and under one roof (er, two).    


Jim Shaw painting detail at Metro Pictures

This year’s Armory Show steps up its partnership with Artsy.  On Artsy’s iPhone app, users can view artworks, contact galleries, and navigate the fair.  Artsy’s Armory website, updates each day and The Digital Daily briefing will be available to users.  Through Instagram, Artsy will disseminate and display Armory Show photos on freestanding digital screens, and Armory and Artsy will co-host a meetup for Instagrammas and grampas.  (Will there also be a Grindr meetup?)   

Predictably, most of the art includes painting and sculpture, but look for many 3D printed/sourced sculptures, Frankensteinian assemblage by Alan Vega at Galerie Laurent Godin, snappy abstract paintings by Cary White at Fredericks & Freiser, a briar patch of ceramics by Jessica Jackson Hutchins at Marianne Boesky, New Orleans denizens in photos by George Dureau, and a conceptual, collaborative installation by Michael Müller and Vlado Martek exhibited jointly by Aanant & Zoo and Galerie Thomas Schulte.  See photos here and on our Instagram.


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NADA Chance

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Come find the third edition of NADA New York this weekend on Pier 36 at Basketball City!  The fair is free, the art is great, and freshly brewed Intelligentsia coffee sweetens the air.  Also, the views across the East River are gorgeous and you might get a glimpse of Kara Walker’s sugar sphinx in its Domino Refinery den.

NADA 2014 at Basketball City
svablognadageisberg3 svablognadageisberg2
Basketball City: Gudmundur Thoroddsen at Asya Geisberg, NYC

In addition to selecting only about 90 keen exhibitors, NADA is nice because the venue is spacious, because it is free, and because it doesn’t feel hyper-marketed like the Frieze invasion up the river. Artists are densely concentrated among the fair’s visitors and for New York fairs that feature promising young artists, NADA New York is hard to beat.  This year’s fair seems designed to discourage methodical booth-scrolling in favor of loose perambulation through the booths, letting chance and spontaneity guide intrepid visitors.

Jean Baptiste Bernadet at Rod Barton, London
Mid-century collages by Cuban cigar roller Felipe Jesus Consalvos at Adams and Ollman, Portland

This year’s Special Projects and Programs include Phaidon on San Juan and Detroit, Shoot the Lobster in a Galaxie 500, Independent Curators International on Caribbean influence, a tour with Gallerist NY, and more.  (But every project is special when you’re with someone you love.)

Sara Cwynar at Cooper Cole, Toronto
Workin Hard or Hardly Workin? at The Green Gallery, Milwaukee (with Peter Barrickman paintings)
Katherine Bernhardt and Jesse Greenberg at Loyal, Sweden

The program that interested me most was Contemporary Poetry, a marathon reading by 30 New York-based poets, curated by artist+ Sam Gordon, a Feature artist who has dedicated this program to Hudson, the sagely gallerist who passed away in February.  Many of the participating poets have exhibited visual art, too. To accompany the readings, a zine will be available at Printed Matter’s NADA booth or available for free download here – for one week only!

Ezra Johnson at Freight & Volume, NYC

These photos are a few of the highlights I noticed, but be sure to look for Corinne Jones paintings at Jackie Klempay, David Gilbert photos at Klaus von Nichtssagend, Bob Mizer photos at Invisible-Exports and at Adams and Ollman, and the BAM+NADA Portfolio.

Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo
Marko Mäetamm at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Estonia
Elise Ferguson at Romer Young, San Francisco
svablognadapuertorico svablognadapuertorico3
Booth and paintings at Roberto Paradise, San Juan
svablognadachurner3 svablognadachurner2
Jamie Davidovich at Churner and Churner, NYC
Sculptures by Elisabeth Kley and Sarah Peters, performance by Kristen Jensen at Regina Rex, Brooklyn
Jose Martos' Galaxie 500 (now THAT is what I call art!)