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Urban Renewal

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Anton van Dalen is back with simultaneous solo shows at downtown galleries. Roughly one year after “New Works and the Avenue A Cut-Out Theatre” at PPOW Gallery, van Dalen presents work in a range of media at Romeo and Sargent’s Daughters. His vision encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, and environments, recapitulating 50 years of exhibition history for today’s emerging galleries and their audiences.

Anton van Dalen: The Devil’s Veil at Romeo

Both shows are exquisite, but most impressive are van Dalen’s graphite drawings in The Devil’s Veil at Romeo. Created in 2005-6 and uniform in scale, they reveal a collage sensibility organized by crisp Euclidean geometry. Into schematic plans that read like maps or flow charts, he plugs logos, facial features, and the human figure. In one thread of the series, a circular head seems to ride atop carriage wheels. Like Pac-Man, it gobbles everything in its path, which mostly includes token brand identities. These logos track along assembly-line paths as they cycle into and out from the rolling head’s sensory nodes. Van Dalen’s behaviorist man-machine is ensnared in a cycle of consumption and perception, perception and consumption: “I chomp, therefore I am.” Powered by Pop and enviable draftsmanship, van Dalen summons up Francis Picabia, Max Ernst, J.G. Ballard, James Rosenquist, and De Stijl design.

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At Sargent’s Daughters, van Dalen presents Inside Out, Home and Place, an eclectic and colorful counterpart to the Romeo show that renews some of the artist’s vintage work. Bird Car (1987) is the centerpiece, a faux-mobile pigeon coop repopulated with live birds. It’s no match for his vigorous drawings, but pigeons are inseparable from the artist’s repertoire and biography. The real gem of the show is Flowers in My Eye (1965), a surreal animated video combing humanity and nature. Given the serial production of van Dalen’s drawings at Romeo, one can only wonder when animation might call him back.

Anton van Dalen, “Flowers in My Eye” at Sargent’s Daughters


Faculty Updates

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from Anton van Dalen and Valerie Smaldone.

Anton van Dalen simultaneously has two solo shows at separate galleries in New York City. Romeo will “focus on my street inspired drawings, raw works, mostly on paper,” according to Anton. And Sargent’s Daughters will “show more intimate poetic representations, with a mix of mediums,” he tells us.


Artwork by Anton van Dalen

Anton’s shows are featured on ARTnews, TimeOut, and Artnet.

We reviewed Anton van Dalen’s 2015 solo show at PPOW Gallery, New Works and the Avenue A Cut-Out Theatre.

Valerie Smaldone, “one of radio’s most recognized female voices,” launched Hit Makers: Music Icons in Performance and Conversation,” a new conversation and music series. Read about Valerie’s “Music Makers” at Radio Ink and the Sheen Center.

Valerie Smaldone

Valerie Smaldone

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