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Student Artwork Update: Roque Rey

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

We are pleased to present artwork by SVACE student Roque Rey! Roque created his sculptures in conjunction with the course, “Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture” with Nicolas Touron.  See Roque’s work in our exhibition space at 209 East 23rd Street until October 31st!

Ceramic sculptures by Roque Rey

Roque writes: “I started this collection as an exercise on interacting geometric shapes. It just happened: legs ambled along a path of human relations and emotions. Inevitable, the addition of an inflatable valve took these pure geometries down a road of perdition and sin…  No – of lust and pleasure.”

Ceramic sculptures by Roque Rey

See more of Roque’s work at his website, on Facebook, and on Instagram!

Ceramic sculptures by Roque Rey

Friday Hot Links

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Happy Friday! We want to share some interesting articles and stories shared online by the SVACE faculty and community.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.58.31 AM

A Bug’s Death (via Adweek): Volkswagen’s deception undoes generations of great ads. (via Kevin Brainard)

Tinybop for Tots (WIRED): A new app for kids uses stunning illustrations and physics-based animation to encourage Earth exploration. (via MFA Visual Narrative)

Mexico’s Monarch (Print Magazine): Peter Kuper discusses Ruins, his opus graphic novel about Oaxaca, Mexico. (via Steven Heller)



Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

One particularly promising innovation of our fall 2015 semester is the addition of courses from SVA’s MFA Visual Narrative program.  These include two Risograph printing courses taught in the brand new Risograph printing studio and a storytelling class called InFORMed by Story.  Their respective instructors, Pan Terzis and Ryan Weber, recently shared lessons and insights in two different outlets.


Pan Terzis sat down for an interview on SVA’s RISOLAB blog.  Pan shares his initiation with Risograph printing, and the fascination that followed. He also reveals the astonishing efficiency of Riso printing:

“I managed to print a 36 page book in an edition of 150 with 52 layers of color in less than twelve hours. To Screenprint that many colors with that quantity would take weeks of backbreaking labor. I was immediately hooked.”


Ryan Weber, “Two Brothers” (with Christopher Weber)


Ryan Weber recorded an interview with SVA’s Story: visualized blog.  He covers many ideas, including the fun and freedom of self-publishing.  He also outlines a goal of his upcoming course:

“It’s about opening a discussion and dialogue about form can inform story and story can inform form; how those things can work together.  Rather than just writing something and plopping it into a template.”

Friday Hot Links

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Happy Friday! We want to share some interesting articles and stories shared online by the SVACE faculty and community.PolaroidSnap_03-1024x768

Inkless and Instant (WIRED): Polaroid’s Snap camera heats dye crystals embedded in the photo paper to create images. (via Kevin Brainard)

Aping Apple (Print Magazine): “An iPhone case made into an hourglass in which the sand is actually crushed up iPhone e-waste.” (via Steven Heller)

Trees of Knowledge (Brain Pickings): Networks supercede trees as metaphors for knowledge, according to Manuel Lima. (via MFA Visual Narrative)

Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

If this inspiring insight doesn’t send you running to your studio, table, or laptop, then what will? Thanks to Steve Brodner for sharing.


Steve’s statement echoes a quote from Plato: “And how about our own art? Shall we not say that we make a house by the art of building, and by the art of painting make another house, a sort of man-made dream produced for those who are awake?”

Steve’s course, “Boosted Visual Communication,” begins soon!