Weekend Hot Links

June 2nd, 2017

Happy Friday! Get creative this weekend with recent art, design, and culture stories shared by the SVACE faculty and community.

Image via Jezebel

Image via Jezebel

Women Wonder (Jezebel): Revisiting video artist Dara Birnbaum’s feminist Wonder Woman remix. (via SVA News)

City Songs (Hyperallergic): What Did Precolonial Manhattan Sound Like? (via SVA MFA Interaction Design)

Arms Race (New York Times): Rebranding a coat of arms after Trump. (via Robert Stribley)

Living Logos (Fast Co.Design): The ingenious way TV logos were made before computers. (via Mark Burk)

Design Business (Hyperallergic): Midcentury modern design and the anxiety of selling out. (via Jess Mackta)

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