Student Artwork Update: Katie Earle

June 14th, 2017

We are pleased to present textile art by SVACE student Katie Earle in collaboration with photographer Oge Erike. Katie created this artwork in conjunction with the course, “Introduction to Fiber Art and Costumes” with Aimee Morgana.

Artwork by Katie

Artwork by Katie Earle and Oge Erike

The artists write:

Katherine Earle (b. 1984) is a textile artist whose work often engages with traditional fibers processes, photography and text. The photographs in this series were digitally printed onto polyester satin and then embellished with embroidery using Brother embroidery machines. The concept of repetition is explored both in using thread to re-create existing shapes from the image, as well as through embroidering multiple versions of the same photo. This series illustrates the many ways in which concepts as simple as lines and form, as they travel through various mediums and through time, are transformed, distorted and re-interpreted. Katherine is a graduate of the Fibres program at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec and continues her studies at the School of Visual Arts Continuing Education program.

Oge Erike (b. 1981) is a photographer whose work represents the life and times of himself, a sweet glorious child of god, born and raised in this heaven called New York, aka God’s armpit.

See more of Katie’s artwork at her website and Instagram. Visit us to see this artwork in our exhibition space at 380 Second Avenue, 8th floor, until June 29!

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