Student Artwork Update: Exploring Multimedia

June 14th, 2017

We are pleased to present Traveler, a group exhibition of artwork by SVACE students, including Erica Dingman, Sarah Johnsrude, Ivan Siikic, Marisol Santana and Hans Neumann. These students created their artwork in conjunction with the course, Exploring Multimedia with Shirley Irons.

Artwork by Hans Newmann

Artwork by Hans Newmann

The artists write:

“A traveler is not a tourist; she explores with an open mind and looks for unexplored paths, byways and detours. This requires above all a trust in the process. And a strong, questioning intellect helps too.

Whether the end is politically motivated (Dingman and Neumann), a formal and playful investigation of material (Johnsrude and Santana) or a poetic meditation on order, disorder and healing (Sikic), the work presented here shifts its boundaries, giving the viewer a new way to look at the world. In the painter and critic Manny Farber’s 1962 essay “White Elephant Art vs Termite Art,” he describes “termite-tapeworm-fungus-moss art” as “eating its own boundaries and likely leaving nothing in its path other than the signs of an eager, industrious, unkempt activity.”  The 5 artists presented here are good examples of this kind of investigative curiosity in their art.”

See more artwork at Marisol Santana’s website and Iván Sikic’ website and Instagram. Visit us to see this artwork in our exhibition space at 209 East 23rd Street, until June 30!

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