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September 7th, 2016

What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from Ruth Marten, Barbara Segal, Ilene Strizver, and Steve Brodner.

From "Fountains & Alligators" by Ruth Marten

From “Fountains & Alligators” by Ruth Marten

Ruth Marten was featured in The New Yorker for her illustrated collection, Fountains & Alligators. For the series, Marten uses ink and watercolor to seamlessly transform Victorian prints into “crocodile cohabitation” and other surreal, waterlogged tableaux.


Barbara Segal, “Black Candy” (Image via the New York Post)

Barbara Segal carves Hermés Birkins from stone, as described in the New York Post. The Post writes, “Her ‘bags’ are true to size and bear immaculate detailing, including the status tote’s signature leather folds, tight stitching and even the lock.” See her work in person in a group show, Emerging to Established, on view at Krause Gallery in NYC from Sept. 7 through Oct. 5.

From Ilene Strizver's "TypeTalk"

From Ilene Strizver’s “TypeTalk”

Ilene Strizver updated TypeTalk, her excellent typography blog at CreativePro. In “How to Work with a Lettering Artist,” Strizver consults leading lettering artists. Each artist describes a creative process that includes research, sketches, and digital output. The artists also share ideas about what they need from art directors: “Tips for a good job with me.”

Steve Brodner for the L.A. Times

Steve Brodner for the L.A. Times

Steve Brodner illustrated The Home Stretch, an Op-Ed parody for the L.A. Times of the last days of campaign 2016. Despite this election’s ceaseless absurdity, Brodner’s chronicles always find room for more.

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