Student Artwork Update: Kyle Rose

June 21st, 2016

We are pleased to present comics artwork by SVACE student Kyle Rose, as part of our exhibition of student work from Tom Motley’s courses. Kyle created his work in and in conjunction with Illustration and Cartooning courses through several recent semesters.

Kyle Rose, “The Working Stiff"

Kyle Rose, “The Working Stiff”

In his own words:

Kyle has been an artist almost as long as he has been a nerd. He received a BFA in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University and has been taking CE classes at SVA for the last 3 years. He has worked as a designer/art director in advertising for almost a decade. His real passion is telling stories— some with images, some with words, but usually with both. His comic strip “The Working Stiff” can be found at and his autobio comics can be found at He lives in New York City with his wife, Liza, and their cat Izzy.

Kyle Rose, “The Working Stiff"

Kyle Rose, “The Working Stiff”

He also writes:

“The Working Stiff” is about a sentient zombie who holds down an office job in New York City— because even the dead have to make a living. It started as a limited run webcomic gag strip and has now turned in to a weekly ongoing series. I plan on collecting the first year of the strip in print this fall. While this project isn’t something I directly created for a specific CE class, it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Everything I have learned from that last 3 years has culminated with this strip and it continues to evolve with every additional class I take. You can find it at or on Tapastic at


“The Cover Up” is a short story that is part of my larger autobio body of work, collectively called “Composed Comics.” And if you are wondering, yes not only I did get the job, but I still work there today. This short was created initially as a mini-comic for Tom Motley’s “Cartooning Basics” course. Since then it has been slightly fine-tuned and will appear in, Emanata, an anthology I have put together with several other SVA CE students. Emanata will be available in local comic shops and online very soon. You can find “The Cover Up” at or as part of the forth coming anthology: “Emanata”, follow for updates and places to buy.

Kyle Rose, “The Cover Up"

Kyle Rose, “The Cover Up”

See Kyle’s work in our exhibition space at 209 East 23 Street until June 30!  Find more of Kyle’s work at his website and Twitter and Instagram: @mrkylerose.

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