Faculty Updates

February 18th, 2016

What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from Maureen R. Drennan, Jenny Kutnow, Annette Wehrhahn, and Keren Moscovitch!

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Maureen R. Drennan for The New Yorker Photo on Instagram

Follow Maureen R. Drennan in her Instagram takeover of The New Yorker photo department. She’ll post from northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, where she continues her annual visits to ice fishing communities.

Jenny Kutnow will speak at the HarvardxDesign Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Design on Feb 20.

Annette Wehrhahn at Pablo's Birthday

Annette Wehrhahn at Pablo’s Birthday

Annette Wehrhahn will exhibit work alongside artists Joe Fyfe and Tamara Gonzales in the group show, WOBBLY SWABBLIES, opening Feb 19 at Pablo’s Birthday.

Keren Moscovitch, "Me Into You"

Keren Moscovitch, “Me Into You”

Keren Moscovitch’s Me Into You series of photographs was featured on Refinery 29 for the website’s 29 Days of Great Sex campaign.

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