Student Artwork Update: Elizabeth Graham

December 15th, 2015

We are pleased to present artwork by SVACE student Elizabeth Graham. Elizabeth created her photographs in conjunction with the course, “Articulating Your Vision: The Art of Portfolio Creation with Keren Moscovitch.  See Elizabeth’s work in our exhibition space at 209 East 23rd Street until January 4th!

Photograph by Elizabeth Graham

Photograph by Elizabeth Graham

Elizabeth writes:

“During my childhood, I both loved and loathed my home. Like most children, to me, home was a cocoon, familiar and safe. But at the same time, in many intangible ways, it felt uncomfortable – rigid, judgemental, unforgiving, and prisonlike.

As a child, I was unable to define why I was often ill at ease at home, with my parents, and with myself. This project is an experiment, to see if answers can be found through images. It is a re-visiting, a re-immersion in old hurts, an intimate examination which uncovered frustration, dread, and a longing for small comforts.

The project began as an attempt to portray myself as the victim of a bizarre, old-fashioned and very religious childhood home. But as the work progressed, I realized that the only honest images were those that focused on old wounds inside me, and how they shaped, and shaded, my world growing up.”

Photograph by Elizabeth Graham

Photograph by Elizabeth Graham

See more of Elizabeth’s work at her website and on Instagram!

Keren Moscovitch

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