Restored Reports

January 28th, 2015

Kevin Brainard, SVACE design instructor, redesigned Consumer Reports in print! His firm, Area of Practice, modernized the venerable consumer journal and revitalized its design for a new audience. Print Magazine has a great interview between Kevin and Steven Heller. Kevin describes how the new design will function, appeal to its audience, and preserve the research behind each issue.  Here are some take-aways:

“Our goal was to create a magazine that functioned on multiple levels, drawing attention to the advocacy and giving readers a reason to return for more than product reviews. We felt that the organization’s lesser-known and highly influential advocacy work would resonate with a broader and younger audience.”



“The content is what makes the publication great. We wanted to honor the painstaking research that goes into creating that content all while telling each story in the most compelling way possible.”

See more images at Kevin’s website.

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