March 6th, 2013

Here is artist and musician Delia Gonzalez, recently back in NYC after years in Berlin, performing In Remembrance at The Clocktower Gallery.  The one-night performance was part of the public programming to accompany the Clocktower group show, Dark Paradise, curated by Tim Goossens.  (Tim also curated the Mary Beth Edelson show opening this week at The Suzanne Geiss Company.)

In Remembrance is a total work of art – a ballet, 16mm film, and piano composition – that Delia composed and choreographed in 2010.  DFA Records will release a special box set edition later in 2013. At The Clocktower, Gonzalez performed an electronic adaptation of the composition with Bryce Hackford of Behavior and Alice Cohen.

Delia used to collaborate with Gavin Russom, who is now busy with The Crystal Ark.  Delia and Gavin produced two solo shows at Daniel Reich Gallery and several sizzling dance tracks with DFA Records, most notably, Rise and Relevee.  Delia relocated to Berlin, where she has maintained a busy solo career in Europe, and she’s back in NYC for a semester-long teaching gig.  *Stay just a little bit longer!*

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