December 4th, 2012
Duchamp vs. Glaser

Excellent detective work by Steven Brower, piecing together the genealogy of Milton Glaser’s classic portrait of Bob Dylan (which Bob Dylan rejected).

The cursive text on the bottom of Duchamp’s portrait reads “dechirarit” or “dechirant.”  “Déchirant” is French for “heartbreaking, harrowing” and “dechirer” French for “tear, rip.”  The text on the bottom Dylan’s portrait is more direct.

Updated with Kumi Yamashita profiles:

Kumi Yamashita, "H366, W366, D1cm" 2011
Kumi Yamashita, "H366, W366, D1cm" details, 2011
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One Response to “Sidelong”

  1. Paul Stonier says:

    Oh wow, this really is some nice detective work. I’ve never seen the Duchamp profile. It’s neat to see it by the Milton Glaser poster. Thanks for sharing.