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Teenage Daydream

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Cindy Sherman, "Untitled Film Still #96"

Anna Chlumsky in "My Girl"

Can We Talk

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Local art hero Keith Mayerson brings it all out with Dana Schutz, Ann Craven, Joe Bradley, and several other artists in this series of interviews. Each is recorded by Tom Powell, on the occasion of the 8 Americans exhibition Keith curated at Maruani & Noirhomme Gallery in Brussels. Three are embedded below; you can find the rest at Keith’s excellent website.

Dana Schutz – 8 Americans from Tom Powel Imaging on Vimeo.

Joe Bradley – 8 Americans from Tom Powel Imaging on Vimeo.

Ann Craven – 8 Americans from Tom Powel Imaging on Vimeo.

ABS of Bronze

Monday, February 13th, 2012

For The Bronze Project at SVA, select students received a grant to study closely with Ben Keating of Keating Studio. In less than one semester, undergraduate students created a digital CAD file, an ABS plastic prototype, and a bronze cast sculpture, all under the guidance of Keating, an artist whose Trenton-based foundry has produced large-scale, material-intensive sculptures for some of New York’s biggest galleries, artists, and estates. (I’m happy to know Ben personally.) Students even visited the foundry to watch the bronze-pouring process.

(l-r) Ben Keating, Suzanne Anker, and Sabine Flach

Ben Keating, "Love Hate," 2001-present

3D rapid prototyping technology is accelerating so quickly that consumer systems are increasingly approaching affordability. Art students will have to contend with this technology. Best is to immerse themselves in it and learn how to “scale up,” both in physical dimensions and materials, while learning what’s required to deliver a bronze sculpture in time for a show. And anyway, it usually takes a patron with deep pockets to cover the production of bronze projects. That means it could be years or longer before art students get hands-on access to bronze.

Next stop: NYC Affordable Art Fair: Laura Murray, "Inheritance," 2012

The Bronze Project sculptures are now exhibited at SVA’s Visual Arts Gallery in Material Magic, curated by BFA Fine Arts Dept. Chair Suzanne Anker.  Photos here are from last week’s packed opening.  Watch for predators!

"I'm a shark, I'm a shark!"

Michael Joaquin Grey, "Autonomic Mother," 1992

With a Sphere in My Heart

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Rachel Mason performance at Queens Museum. Filmed by Michelle Leftheris and featuring choreography by Curtiss Wesley, Jesse Lawyer and Asanti I (dancers), Michael Durek (theramin), Hugh Ash (trumpet), Amadis Dunkel (trombone), Chris Barick drums and costumes by Heather Quesada. “With A Song in My Heart” by Rogers and Heart

Suggestion Box

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Check out the new W.A.G.E. survey, available here as a google doc: