Watts Right

March 20th, 2011

Cool, so I caught Reggie Watts performing this weekend at MOMA/PS1 Saturday Sessions. Vote Bush: his Sideshow Bob bob got me feeling guarded at first – seen that before – but Watts’ witty, astute, coy, agile, customized, curious, and undeniably “yeeeaaahhh” excursions with rhyming, beatboxing, sampling, and faux-coder are to prepared performance (and pimpin) what plein air is to painters in sunhats. Heads were nodding in the packed third-floor gallery, retro black glasses gettin steamy. Way ups like high tops to curator and hostess with the moistest (cupcakes), Miriam Katz. Thanks, both, for dropping one on me.

More video and pics after the weekend~

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