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February 5th, 2016

Happy Friday! We want to share some art, design, and culture goodies shared by the SVACE faculty and community.


Lois’ SOMA (Print): George and Luke Lois design for encryption. (via Steven Heller)

Uber Logo (WIRED): Uber rebrands itself, but did it logo too far? (via Kevin Brainard)

GIF Impressions (Mashable): Twitter flirts with GIFs (via Robert Stribley)

Art Bites (SVA): Ten tips for art students by art critic Jerry Saltz. (via SVA MFA Visual Narrative)

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Student Update: Natalie Sena Murray

February 4th, 2016

Congratulations to Natalie Sena Murray, recent SVACE student! Natalie’s short film, A Good Assistant, has been selected to screen at the 2016 “Made in New York Filmmakers Showcase” on Feb 13 at The Producers Club Theater, presented by the Big Apple Film Festival Year Round Screening Series.

AGA Poster Full color

“A Good Assistant,” poster

Natalie writes, “My cast and crew are very excited about this opportunity and we couldn’t have done it without our professor Sal Petrosino and our classmates in the SVACE class Digital Filmmaking I.”

A Good Assistant is a 6 minute short film that tells the story of a young woman trying her best to do a good job for her demanding boss. In this dark comedy, her preconceived notions about her villainous boss lead her down a path that changes her life forever. A teaser for the film can be found on Vimeo.

AGA Still 2

“A Good Assistant,” production still

SVACE Digital Filmmaking I Students who worked on the project:

Natalie Sena Murray (Director/Writer/Producer/Editor), Tania Jeudy (Sound Mixer), Melquan Ali (Sound Boom), Victoria Spadaccini (Camera), Krityanee Promsarin (Camera), Chelsea Marshall (Lighting), Francine Wong (Script Supervisor), Sarah Kraus (Acting)

A Good Assistant will be featured in Block 5 8:45-10:45pm. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased online or at the box office at the Producers Club on the day of the screening.

AGA Still 3

“A Good Assistant,” production still


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Faculty Updates

February 3rd, 2016

What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from Tristan Elwell, Steve BrodnerJohn Parks, Kris Mukai, and Viktor Koen!

DJ Khaled by Tristan Elwell

DJ Khaled by Tristan Elwell for the Miami New Times

Tristan Elwell produced a hilarious illustration for a Miami New Times story about celebrity DJ Khaled. The image combines Khaled’s likeness with the emoji that Khaled has adopted to his brand vernacular.

Steve Brodner for The Boston Globe

Steve Brodner for The Boston Globe

Steve Brodner illustrated Ted Cruz has always been right for The Boston Globe, documenting episodes in the history of this arch-conservative presidential contender.


John Parks, “Garden with Landscape,” 2005

See Garden with Soldier (2005), a painting by John Parks, in Winter Salon at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, on view until Feb 22!

Illustration by Kris Mukai

Illustration by Kris Mukai

Kris Mukai is featured on DART: Design Arts Daily, where she comments on brushes, blogs, and self-publishing.

Viktor Koen (l) hard at work with Marshall Arisman (r)

Viktor Koen (l) hard at work with Marshall Arisman (r) via @svamfaillustration Instagram

Viktor Koen curated Gone, a group exhibition of work by members of the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay class of 2017. Gone is on view Feb 6-March 3.

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